What new features are in Samsung Galaxy S11 ?

samsung galaxy s11
samsung galaxy s11

The tech year of 2019 is almost wrapped up especially from Samsung. In 2020, Samsung will come up with Samsung Galaxy S11. We are expecting to see S11 model on 2020 (in the month: February or March). It’s still six months from launch but already some rumors are appearing online. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S11 model will improve on the already set high standards by this 2019 year’s  flagship quartet which comprises S10, S10Plus, S10 5G and S10e.

The new report that has came out from South Korea with two major news regarding to S11.

First one regarding with the camera:

The Galaxy S11 will be the first Samsung phone to feature new 5x optical zoom and 10x hyper zoom. This model is the first Samsung phone to use Samsung’s 108 MP camera setup along with 3D sensing ToF modules. In August, Samsung Electronics system LSI division said it has developed a 108 million pixel image sensor for the first time in industry. The lens and camera module is being developed by Samsung ElectroMechanics.

samsung galaxy s11 camera
samsung galaxy s11 camera

Crazy feature regarding Spectrometer:

And another most recent and crazy rumor regarding s11 is that it will sport a spectrometer which is a sensor that’s capable of detecting the physical makeup of an object based on its reaction to a beam of light. Infrared spectrometer on the back would allow a phone to send electromagnetic waves towards objects, including IR and visible light, which would return a signal to the spectrometer. A special chip would be able to analyze the data and determine several characteristics of the object in question, including moisture levels, sugar levels and even heart rate.

Other news is regarding to the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner which we can see a big improvement on the Galaxy S11:

Samsung introduced the first-ever mass-produced ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S10. The Galaxy Note 10 also has the same technology. Right now Samsung is the only company to offer ultrasonic fingerprint scanners on their flagships. The rest use optical scanners, it’s an inferior tech compared to the Ultrasonic since it basically is a 2D scanner. That said, we were kind of expecting Samsung to make some improvements to the fingerprint scanner on the Note 10 but that didn’t happen. The scanner on the Note 10 is basically identical to the one we have on S10. But thankfully, though the ultrasonic scanner will get a significant upgrade on the Galaxy S11.

Korean media is reporting that the area of the fingerprint scanner will be almost doubled on S11. The ‘Active Area Dimension’ (AAD) for the in-display scanner on the S10 and Note 10 measures 36 sqmm. But on the Galaxy S11, it’ll be increased to 64 square millimeters. This basically means the fingerprint scanning process should be much more convenient on S11 because it’ll be harder to miss the sweet spot.

Samsung is coming back and coming hard on the competition. All the Samsung’s fans and other phone enthusiastic can’t wait to see what Samsung will bring with S11. In S11 , there will be the biggest camera upgrade since the Galaxy S7.

There is some talk in Korea that Samsung’s next flagship may not be called S11 at all. We’ve seen plenty of companies that use simple numeric naming system switch things up when they reach to 10. Samsung has neither confirmed nor denied the claim, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it to ditch the numbers altogether and revert to something simpler.

Hope to see this model with exciting flagship and if you want to check more about smartphones, you can go and check to this link(http://techguff.com/)

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