AI deletes the nudes for you – Kelsey Bressler

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Researchers in Seattle are developing the software which automatically deletes the unwanted nude photos that has been sent to the private message before they are ever seen.

Kelsey Bressler started the project after she was sent an unsolicited nude photo by a man.

This made her work on the project which can detect the unwanted penis pictures and deletes them before they are seen. She said this is the responsibility of social network to work on these type of projects. Not all want the nude photos being sent to you.

“When you receive a photo unsolicited it feels disrespectful and violating,” Ms Bressler told the BBC.

The test for this project was done by inviting some men on the twitter inbox where they “send nudes for science.”

This made so many volunteered their nude photos that the team had to close the inbox.

It was a huge success though.

Some initial tests showed the system was “tricked” by a man wearing a cage over his genitals.

These photos were missed by the AI. However, Ms Bressler said the project was a “huge success” when it has to identify and delete the clear penis photos and nudes.

MsĀ  Kelsey Bressler said that the issue comes up in her news feed almost daily, but the Twitter has not yet shown anything to overcome this issue. She is unhappy with the tech companies that they have not yet thought about this project.

Ms Bressler is ready to share the research with the Twitter when the project is completed.

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