Apps that can help you to workout at your home during lockdown

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Due to COVID-19, all the public gathering places are closed. All departments, Malls, Shopping Stores, Bakeries, Restaurants, Gyms, etc. It due to lockdown. All the activities go lockdown. Different workout apps are required in order to continue the fitness of a body.

Since the lockdown, people are staying in their own homes. People cant go to their jobs, gyms and other places. People are more concentrated on their fitness health. All the public doors are closed. People are staying in their own homes by doing the small type of workout to get digest their foods.

Doing workout in their own homes is not as easy as we think. It requires training and the guidelines just like the trainers used to do at the gym hall or for the yoga classes.

This article will help you to know about different apps on your smartphone that surely help to guide you in your fitness and also provides workout tutorials, etc.

All the mentioning apps are not limited to the home workout programs based on the different categories like weight management, stretching exercise and more but also helps to create the customs plans and monitors the progress using your smartphones.

Different Workout Apps

Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach is the most versatile fitness apps that are available right now. It provides tons of free coaching’s by the professionals and doesn’t require any Fitbit device to work.

In the beginning, the app will provide an eight-minute fitness test and automatically suggests the different programs based on the test results. It has also paid service known as Fitbit Coach Premium that provides many personalization plans based on the progress and goals, workout, several training programs to choose from, etc..

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is another most feature-rich fitness app. It provides a 185+ workouts to boost strength, endurance, yoga, and mobility. This app is available on both android and iOS.

Decathlon Coach

Decathlon Coach is another popular sports apparel store that has a fitness app that provides built-in-exercise like bodyweight training, stretching and Pilates.

Adidas Training by Runtastic

The Adidas training by Runtastic provides the users to create one for themselves.

You can download all these popular workout apps.

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