Best Tips for PUBG Player 2020: Best Play Guides for the PUBG Players

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Do you want to learn how to master the PUBG game to become a better player? PUBG, a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for those who want to keep it official. A classic game gets deeper than its looks. All the PUBG players need PUBG Tips to become a better player.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG is one of the biggest battle royal games in the whole world. It is produced by PUBG Corp and can be available on PC, PS4, Mobile devices and Xbox One. Any interested one can play this game.

Here, we have mentioned the best tips for the PUBG player to become a better player. This tip is not only for the beginners but also for all the players of the PUBG. There are so many tips and tricks for PUBG. Let us get into the topic.

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Tips and Tricks of PUBG player

1. Always use a Helmet

In PUBG, helmet plays a great role. You have to always use a helmet. If in case your helmet falls off, then immediately you should use another helmet.

A helmet will take you to the great loss form the snipers especially. If you can find a level 2 helmet, then you will be able to be safe from Kar98k headshots.

2. Use bandages mot the Medkits when you have the time

It is also another trick to keep you safe. If you are not in the firefight, then you should excess the bandages instead of your Medkits or the first aid kits.

3. Use the third person as an advantage

You can use a third person to view the surrounding without exposing yourself. The main advantage of using the third person is to look over the walls or around the trees whilst remaining in the cover.

4. Stay careful with the breaching stairs

It is another tip to be safe. When the attacking players are hiding in the building, then you must be careful if they are hiding at the top of the flight of the stairs. It may be difficult to breach another player when they are sitting at the top of the stairs.

5. Take your time when you are in long-distance shots

The tip for the PUBG player is that if you are trying to take down a player from the long-distance, then you will be rewarded by pacing your shots.

You have to change your fire rate to semi and the fire slower shots. this will help you to hit far easier and you will only require 3/4 body shots or 2/3 headshots to kill down the player.

6. Stay careful when you are using vehicles

In the PUBG game, vehicles can be quite the death trap. If another player hears you or sounds that you are there, then, that player will try his or her full percent to shoot you at your vehicle or follow you and wait for you to get out of the vehicle.

By using a vehicle, it will let everybody get you. So, do not use a vehicle many times as possible.

Try all these tips and tricks. I am sure that this trick will help you to make a better player.

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