Call of Duty: Available on PC, Android and iOS platform

call of duty release date

Call of Duty modern warfare is a war game which was developed by Infinity Ward an American video game developer and published by Activision. You can play this game with your friends in different modules or region. The rule is straightforward. Make your team and fight with the opponent team. The team which kills more number of people will be the winner.

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  • Release date
  • Highlights
  • New Features
  • How to download
  • Game weakness

Call of Duty- Release date

Finally, the wait is over. The stable version of Call of Duty is finally out in the market. All the work for this game is finished and the release of this game will be on 25 October 2019 all over the globe.


  • They are free to play.
  • It requires only 2GB while installing.
  • They can be played on both Android and on iOS platform.
  • There is a new battle royale mode.

New Features

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  • Aim-down Sight Reload

The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have aim down sight reload feature which is a new upgraded feature in this upcoming videogame. In this feature, your weapon will be automatically reloaded if you put the sight of your weapon down. This will allow you to reload your weapon without losing your target.

  • Gunfight

In this new game, a brand new 2v2 multiplayer gunfight will be there. It will be the mode of 4 players where 2 teams will play across three small custom map. There will be a total of six rounds. After every two round the position of the team in map will be switched. They will be provided a bunch of primary and secondary weapons and the team will many round out of six will be the winner.

  • Killstreaks are back

Infinity Ward has confirmed that the killstreaks will be back in this modern warfare. It will be the first game in while that have this feature. As the players make kills, they will be able to unlock the different weapons and armor.

  • Call of Duty modern warfare: Mobile edition

The new modern warfare can be played on both android and iOS mobile platform. It’s a free to play game which requires only 2GB of RAM for installing and android version of minimum 5.1 lollipop.

  • Multiplayer reveal

The maker of COD has confirmed that the range of multiplayer will be increased. There will be ground mode which is the new feature os this game and it will support up to 100 players at the same time. There will be 2v2, 6v6, 10v10 and 20v20 matches.

How to download

For the iOS user and the Android user, you can buy this game free of cost from the App store and playstore respectively. For PC user and others you can download this game from the official website of Call-of-Duty.

Game weakness

There are some features that need to be included in this modern warfare like there is no zombie mode in this game. Many players are fond of zombie mode but COD hasn’t included those features. Along with that, the realistic contents are not well detailed. like the improvement needs to be done in sound and environment detail. Hope we can get all the features in the upcoming versions.

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