Why CodeCamp 2019?

code camp 2019


CodeCamp is a place for local software developers to come and learn from their peers. Code camp is a collaborative coding competition that aims to solve the existing problems troubling the nation by developing the technical solutions developed by the students during the event.

CodeCamp 2019 is going to be on Pokhara on the premise of IOE that aims to focus on Rural Tourism, E-Governance and Public Health. It is a three-day competitive coding competition. Here, all the members are with the teams and each team must come up with innovative ideas, design prototype of that idea into the business model and present in front of the judges within 3 days. The idea should be focused on the themes that are provided by the organizers.

The active co-organizers of the CodeCamp are Innovative Computer engineering Students Society and the Club of Technical Students. These two active co-organizers are the active technical clubs of WRC. Nepal Telecommunication Communication is regarded as the Association Partner of Code Camp 2019.  

Interested candidate from Nepal with a team of 2 or 3, follow an undergraduate degree including Plus Two students can take part in CodeCamp 2019. This event runs for 3 days (25 December – 27 December) in Paschimanchal Campus, Palikhechowk, Pokhara.

How to apply?

  • 1: Submit the Ideas
  • 2: Selection
  • 3: Confirmation mail
  • 4: Registration

Detailed Process

  1. If you want to involve in 3 days event. You must work hard. Firstly, you have to submit your ideas. To submit the ideas, go on the CodeCamp website.
  2. Choose a theme and fill up the application details. In the application details, you have to register your project idea on only one theme.
  3. Your selection depends upon the ideas that you have submitted. The organizers will select a strong and new idea among all the registered team’s ideas.
  4. A confirmation mail is sent to the selected teams to confirm and the team should pay an entry fee Rs. 500 per person that includes all the facilities of the 3-day event.
  5. In the first and second day of the event, the participants will focus on the development and the improvement of their ideas producing a Minimal Product (MVP).
  6. One mentor is provided to all the teams who will ride along with you by assisting and directing you.
  7. From the organizer’s side, the participants will provide as much help as required and helps to learn a lot.
  8. The third day will be the Presentation day. In this presentation, the participants will have to present their products.
  9. Judges will decide the winner and will be awarded on a similar day.

Winning prices

To make the event more interesting and catchy, there are different types of winners for the whole 3-day event.

  • The main event winner will receive Rs. 25,000 cash prize, the best among all of the themes with the highest points given by the judges.
  • 1st runnerup will be granted Rs. 12, 000.
  • Along with that, different special gift hampers from the sponsors that are provided to the participants like T-shirts and stickers.

Food and accommodation

Don’t worry about food and accommodation facilities. There will be full preparation of foods for the participants throughout the event period. The participants from outside the Pokhara valley will also provide accommodation facilities for their stay.  

Most importantly, the participants will have a great opportunity to build a strong network connection with the judges and the mentors.


  • Event Date: December (25-27) Poush 9-11
  • Themes: Rural tourism, Public Health, e-Governance
  • Tagline: Eat, Code, Repeat
  • Organizers: i-CES and CoTS
  • Venue: Institute Of Engineering (IOE), Paschimanchal Campus, Pokhara
  • CodeCamp official Website: CodeCamp 2019
  • Facebook : CodeCamp 2019

Don’t miss the opportunity to share your ideas in front of the mass. This is the biggest opportunity to change the situation. You can also make a good connection with different peoples from different backgrounds.

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