Missed Daraz 11.11 go deals with running Daraz 12.12- ends on last 2019

daraz 12 12 sale

Daraz 12.12 offers a new age of online selling in all over the world. This year, the sell Daraz 11.11 was held in 11/11/2019, which comes up with a huge amount of discount in online Daraz shopping.

Daraz 12.12 is with all the catchy and amazing surprise discounts that have missed in Daraz 11.11. Not only a huge discount is sufficient for the upcoming Daraz, within a limited time, but a lucky person will also get a chance to win a Free Return ticket to a different place and with many more exclusive gift hampers and prizes.

If you have missed Daraz 11.11 and waiting for another one, then, foremost you have to download the Daraz app on your mobile phones. Then get the login into the app with a registered email address and click on the mission 12.12 banner.

Now start your missions and complete it. The progress of all the activities that you have done in the previous day is updated after 3 PM every day. It already begins from 5th Dec- 18 Dec. Lucky ones will be getting a lucky draw on 31st of December 2019. To know about your progress, you have to enter the email address that you have already registered in Daraz.

To get an update on all the progress results, make sure that you have pushed the notification turned on the app.
All the mission winners will be announced and contact through their email.

12.12 Missions

This is our 12.12 mission. Therefore, there are 12 missions that you have to carry out. Missions are quite easy. You can complete any missions per day.

  • For continuous 5 days, you have to open the app.
  • You have to add any 3 DMART products on your wish list.
  • You have to click on any five App notifications from your own phone.
  • Place an order with your own Debit/Credit card.
  • Also, add Mega Deals to your cart.
  • Again, share any three Mega Deals with your friends.
  • Place an order of more than 2500.
  • Follow five brand partners on Daraz App.
  • Also, collect any five different vouchers from the app or the website.
  • Recharge your mobile phone from the top-up shop available in Daraz.
  • Then, you have to rate and review the product that you have bought from this app. You can rate and review according to your product experiences.
  • Finally, Shake your mobile phone when you see Daz on the App !!.

Can’t complete your mission?

  • If you cannot check your score, then you have to make sure that you have logged in into the Daraz app.
  • If you have already completed today’s mission and waiting for your result, then do not worry. Your status will be updated within tomorrow at 3 pm.
  • You have to make sure that the email address that you have entered above is the same as in your Daraz email.
  • If you have not started your mission yet, then go to your mobile play store and download the App.

For more detail check the Daraz website.

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