FewaBazar is Back with Exclusive offer up to 50% discount on different Fewa products 2076

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Fewa Bazaar, one of the best online shopping sites in Nepal. With the high increase in internet users, nowadays people prefer to do shopping sitting on their laptops and their own homes, offices. Fewa Bazar consistently provides an exclusive Fewa Bazar Offer to the people throughout the whole country.

Nowadays, people do not want to go to the market and do shopping. They just want to do click and get the products in your home. For this, you can get into the FewaBazar online shopping store to buy the products.

Fewa Bazar Exclusive Offer 2020/2076

In this winter season, Fewa Bazar is providing the best exclusive offers to the customers. Fewa bazar has offered a 50% discount on every product. This offer is only valid until 17th Magh 2076.

This online shopping also offers an unlimited 5% cashback on payment through e-Sewa on every product. If you do payment through e-Sewa for the products of Fewa Bazar then, you will get 5% cashback from the payment in your account.

E-Sewa is an online payment system.

EMI option is also available on purchasing the products of cost Rs.20,000/-. If you are not available in e-Sewa then do not worry, cash on delivery option is also available.

This bumper offers is valid from 5th Magh– 17th Magh (19th January- 31st January 2020). This offer lasts only for 13 days. This exclusive offer is only in Fewa Bazar Online Store. If you want to get access then-

You can download the FewaBazar app in the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone. To get easy access, you have to log in to your mobile with fulfilling the required details. You can also get into the website and buy the products.

This huge discount offer is in Fewa bazar products like smartphones, electronics items, shoes, clothes, machinery equipment, and many more products. For the detailed products, you can also study the above 3, 4 paragraphs.

Limited products are in the discount offer. Hurry up if you want to get the best-branded products in a 50% discount offer.

Firstly, get into- Fewa bazar online shopping store. The delivery of the products is in the major cities of Nepal.

Fewa Bazar is one of the active e-commerce sites in Nepal. It offers the online delivery system in the major parts of Nepal. The corporate office is located in Pulchowk Lalitpur, 10. The main head office of Fewa Bazar is Pokhara 16 deep. The main purpose of Fewa Bazaar is to sell the products to the users by fulfilling the needs and demands of the users with the best quality.

Objectives of Fewa Bazar

  • To provide the information and to make the people technology-friendly.
  • In order to provide job opportunities for many people.
  • To provide the best quality of goods
  • To provide home delivery of the goods at the best affordable price.

Reasons to become a customer in Fewa Bazar:

  • Provide branded products at the cheapest price.
  • Easy to be logged in into the app.
  • Best service to the customers.
  • Most active in different social sites.
  • Provide fast and safety delivery facilities to different parts of Nepal.

Deals of Fewa Bazar

  • Clothing and Fashion (Men’s Wear Women’s Wear)
  • Health Care and Beauty Products (Personal Care items, Baby items, Haircare and accessories, Makeup accessories)
  • Groceries (all food items)
  • Electronics and Electrical appliances ( all electrical appliances i.e. TV, smartphones, Laptops Computers, Irons, Fans, etc.)
  • Kitchen and Dining (all the kitchen appliances)
  • Furniture and Decoration (Chair, Tables, Beds, wall decoration)
  • Luggage and Travel Gear (watches, bags, etc.)
  • Automobiles (car, bikes, auto parts, etc.)
  • Nepali Handicrafts like bags
  • Sports and Outdoors (football, basketball, badminton, musical instruments)
  • Books and Stationery (novels, storybooks, poetry books, stationery items and many more)
  • Travel and Tour

Why to choose Fewa Bazar?

  • The foremost reason to choose Fewa bazar is “All in one”.
  • Provide the best affordable Price
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Easy return of the products
  • Card payment through POS
  • EMI Installment Payment Option Available

Fewa Bazar Services

The main aim of the Fewa bazar is to provide the best services throughout the whole country. It consists of 500+ merchants i.e. employees, 2000+ prime members, 50+ corporate members (dealers) and 15 Authorized Distributors and Outlets to provide the best services to the customers. Currently, Fewa Bazar is providing services to different cities like-

1.PokharaSiddhartha chowk
Hari Chowk
Arghaun Chowk


Fewa Bazar on different Social Media sites

FewaBazar is active in different social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google, LinkedIn Instagram. You can also check FewaBazar in all these social sites. ?

How to contact FewaBazar?

You can contact FewaBazar on different social sites. However, also if you want to get more information, want to buy the products or for any queries then,

Contact number- 01-5260442, 061-442578, and 061-442579
Email: [email protected]
If you have any queries, then feel free to comment down below.

For more information- get into the fewa Bazar site- Fewa Bazar

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