Five Settings That Every iPhone User Must Change Right Now


If you are using an iPhone right now, you can make your iPhone better immediately. Whether you have just bought a new iPhone or old one, these five settings feature will change your iPhone immediately.

Five Settings that must be changed right now


DO NOT DISTURB feature silence all the alerts on your iPhone. Most of the people use DO Not Disturb mode on before they go to bed. Your notifications will be waiting for you when you wake up in the morning, by turning Do not disturb mode on.

2. Add more fingers to Touch ID

When you set up your iPhone for the first time, you will be trained Touch ID to recognize one of the fingers. To do,

  • Settings>Touch ID and Passcode
  • Now, enter the numeric passcode,
  • Again Add a fingerprint and follow all the prompts.

Repeat the same process for any further changes of you fingers.

3. Disable Auto-brightness for long-lasting battery

The more you brighten your iPhone’s screen, the more fastly your battery will be dead. And we don’t want to make our iPhone battery dead so fastly. So, by default, iOS will automatically manage your display’s brightness depending upon how much the light ambient sensor detects. But if you want to control, you can disable the auto-brightness.

For this Open Settings> Accessibilty> Display and Text Size.

4. Turn off unnecessary location services

When you are agree to share the location with the apps like Waze, Starbucks, and bucks there is a tangible benefit. In order to see which apps have enabled this feature,

Settings >Privacy >Location Services.

Then scroll down through the lists. When you see your apps set to Always or While using, then decide if you want that app to know your location or not. If not, then you can change it to Never.

5. customize your display

When you swipe your iPhone from top of the screen , then you will get immediate access to the IOS notification center from where you can read, review and dismiss the notification that you have received. For this,

  • Swipe down
  • Tap Today
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Edit.
  • Now, all the items that you will see are the available apps that you can select for the today screen.
  • Tap the green plus sign next to the ones that you want.

To change again, tap and drag “handles” and drop it in the desired spot, Click on Done.

  • Now you can see the Today screen with the items that you have enabled.
  • Click on edit to make any further changes.

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