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If you are a new Mac user, then these steps will guide you to use your Mac properly. We have mentioned five tips that new or old Mac Users must know.

Five Tips That Mac user should know

1. How to Set up a backup plan for your Mac ?

You should always have your backup store on your Mac. In addition, another process may work. We need back up to keep our file saved.

One copy of your data is not sufficient for you to keep as a backup.

Local backup helps you to transfer the file of your Mac into another drive. A time machine is the simplest method.

Once you set a time machine, after that, you do not have to do anything else for your files.

How to choose backup plan on your Mac?

2.How to sign in iCloud?

The finest reason to control to Mac is the Apple ecosystem. It is largely fueled by the iCloud syncing.

From there, you can access the photos, documents and all the files with your iCloud account.

But, you have to make sure that you are signed in to iCloud using the same Apple ID that you used to sync your iOS, tvOS and watchOS data.

3.Why to sign in to Music, TV apps and Podcasts?

TV apps and Podcasts have been divided into three different apps. The user experience much better than expected.

If you are the first-time user of macOS or just jumping into the Catalina for the first time, you will get a guide for all the apps clearly.

4. How to set up an optimized storage?

Apple has developed a great way to keep your Mac’s hard drive from getting full. By using a number of iCloud syncing option, you can keep your free hard drive for more important files.

Process of Optimization of Storage

5. How to set up automatic downloads?

Apple daily updates macOS with new and awesome features. Some of the Mac app developers like to keep things ticking with the regular updates.

So, you can make sure that you will not miss anything setting up automatic downloads, which will run in the background.

Set up automatic download on your Mac

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