Google announces to block Android TV partners from Using Amazon Fire TV.

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Do you know why Amazon hasn’t been able to bring its Fire TV Platform on most of the smart TVs and the cable set-top boxes globally? Google news has announced to block the Android TV partners from using the Amazon Fire TV.

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Google can revoke the software license from the android Tc makers.

In recent years, Amazon has sold millions of the Fire TV streaming devices, but its effort to expand its Fire TV platform to the smart TVs and the cable set-top boxes has been slow.

The TV makers cannot continue both Android TV and Fire TV accordingly.

Last year, Google has announced its struck deals with the six out of the 10 smart TV manufacturers and the 140 cable TV operators across the whole world.

As quoted by a senior employee,- “it commonly blocked Amazon”.

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Recently, according to Marc Whitten, VP, and GM, Amazon’s Fire TV said- “We don’t expect them to only use our services or our software. We think that the partners must be able to pick the solutions that work for them, that may actually different between the lines of the TVs, or the different categories of the devices and the territories. I think that the diversity of the options is a real food thing”.

Moving against Google’s licensing terms that could be disastrous for the Tv manufacturers like LG and Samsung that also makes the smartphone that runs on the Android OS.


According to the policy of Google, it is said that the devices that are wanted to access the Play Store must run the version of the Android that is more compatible with the Google-approved version of the android.

That means if the TV makers want to have their Tv’s on the Play Store then they cant make the TVs with the other operating system, for example, Amazon’s competing Fire TV.

The manufacturers that have signed on the Android Compatibility Commitment for their own mobile phone business are efficiently not allowed to develop the Fire TV devices.

The European Union took on to the tech giant during its antitrust investigation of the Android OS in 2016.

The regulators claimed that the company was preventing the manufacturers from selling smart mobile devices that are running competing the operating system based on the Android open-source code.


The investigator announced the result that a $5 billion fine against Google in which the company has claimed against it.

Both Google and Amazon are facing the tough battle against the Roku in the TV OS adoption.

Around 30% of all the new TV streaming devices sold in the US in the first quarter of the last year.

Amazon has announced that 12% of the devices are sold while the Android TV counted for only 9 percent.

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