How to Boost the Mobile Internet Speed on your Android Phone

how to boost internet speed

Methods to Boost up the Internet speed

There is no doubt saying that the Internet plays a very significant role in everyone’s life. According to the latest research, we have found that life without the Internet cannot be imagined. The world is full of changing technologies. People cannot remain a second without the internet and technologies. The technologies have also put a great impact on everyone’s life. Internet and technologies have made our lives easy. What if then Internet speed is slow in your technology devices i.e. Android phone? There are different steps to boost the Internet Speed on your Android Phone.

We all know that People without a smart android phone is not found. If it finds, it has founds rarely. People used the internet for various purposes. Students used the internet for their assignments. Businessperson used the internet for their purpose. Every human used the internet for their purpose. Everyone needs fast internet speed to play games, use YouTube, use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp properly.

Imagine if you are playing PUBG and your internet speed slowly goes down. Or

Imagine if you are doing your assignments, business work, and your Internet speed goes down.

You feel frustrated, angry. Now, you do not have to feel frustrated and angry. We are here with tips to boost your Mobile internet Speed.

Tips to boost up your internet connection.

  1. Clear Cache: You have to clear the temporary storage of your memory that was used by the programs to access the frequently used data. Most of the time, your smartphone gets slow or poor due to filling up cache memory in your smartphone after accessing various websites and apps. If you do not know how to clear Cache, then follow the below steps. 
  • Go to the Settings and tap the Device maintenance.
  • Select Storage and tap CLEAN
  • Uninstall the necessary applications from your android phone.

If there is an app that is taking your space unnecessarily, then uninstall that one. After doing uninstall, refresh your smartphone and check your internet speed. This process will guarantee a better internet connection in terms of your mobile data and boost your internet speed on your smartphone.

2. Change cellular network settings.

3. Launch Settings and select Connections

  • Tap Mobile Networks
  • Tap Network mode and choose 4G/ LTE
  • Choose a faster Web Browser.
  • Android Use applications to speed up the Internet.

With all these processes, we guarantee you that now your smartphone has to boost up the Internet speed and you can use it as fast as you can without any frustrations.

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