How to Change System Language on Android Smartphones?

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After buying an android smartphones from another country which is already set in their own local languages and now you are looking to change that in your mother tongue or the language you prefer easy to use.

Most of the people don’t know to change the language settings of their own smartphones.

This article will help you to change the language setting on your smartphone.

Now, if you have recently bought a new smartphone then you can choose the language as you want at the setup screen.

But, also if you are using your usual smartphone and you want to change the language then also you can follow the same steps.

How to change system language on Android smartphones?

1. Open your settings on your smartphone.

2. Now, scroll down and look at the language and the region icon. It is denoted by “A” or global icon. Click on it.

3. Tap on the “+” icon to add the new language.

4. Now, choose the languages as you want to add and click on done.

If you want to add more languages then, repeat the same process by tapping the “+” icon and choose another language.

By doing this, you can easily change the languages by tapping on it.

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