How to clean your AirPods and EarPods?

how to clean airpods and earpods

Nowadays, most of people use earpods for their own use. But they don’t know how to manage and clean it timely. So, today, this article will help you to guide to clean your AirPods and earpods.

The process to clean your AirPods:

  • Do not use the AirPods or the AirPods Pro under the water.
  • Clean the microphone and the speaker meshes with the dry cotton cloth.
  • Do not use the sharp objects or the rough materials to clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro.
  • You have to make sure that your devices should not get any liquids in the opening.
  • Do not take the risk to use them until they are completely dry. Your AirPods may cause strains or damage if they are exposed in soaps, shampoos, lotions, perfumes, acids, oil, etc.

How to clean the case of your AirPods and the AirPods Pro?

You have to handle the pods safely. You have to clean the charging case with the dry, soft, lint-free cloth.

If required, then you can dip your cloth in isopropyl alcohol. You have to use it carefully. You have to make sure not to get any type of liquid in your charging pods/ AirPods.

  • Here we provide some few procedures
  • Do not use any type of rough materials to clean the charging case.
  • You have to remove the debris from the lightning connector with the clean, soft brush.
  • To keep away from the metal contacts, do not put anything from the charging ports.

How to clean the ear tips of your AirPods Pro?

Here are some of the procedures to clean the ear tips of your AirPods.

  • If any type of liquid has accumulated in the ear tip, then tap the AirPods on the dry, soft, clean cloth with the ear tip.
  • Wipe out the ear tips with the soft, dry cloth. Also, make sure that your ear tips are very dry before reattaching the AirPods.
  • Click the ear tips back on each AirPods. The ear tips are oval-shaped, so you have to make sure that you align them before you click them on.

Following all these tips will surely help to keep your AirPods  and EarPods 2020.

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