How to Detect Computer Virus on your Windows PC?

computer virus

Are you getting rid of your laptop virus or Computer virus? Your laptop/computer may be infected with a virus or malware. Is your laptop getting slower than usual? If so, then your laptop might be infected with a virus. Your laptop may be infected with spyware or any other malware.

First let’s learn about the virus, and how the virus infects the computer/laptop, how to detect the virus, and then after measures to remove the virus.

Computer Virus

Virus is one of the biggest fear among all the computers user is being infected by computer virus programs that are designed to destroy personal data.

How to detect a virus on a Windows PC/laptop?

To find out whether your laptop or PC is infected or not, follow the symptoms. If-

  • the sound of the hard drive in the constant action
  • your computer runs slow.
  • If a pop-up message appeared and difficult to remove

Any of the above symptoms may prove that your laptop/computer is affected by a virus or a different kind of malware. If you are facing two or three symptoms at a time, then that shows a strong indication that you have got a virus.

For this, you have to download an anti-virus program. You can download AVG Antivirus Free software and can run in just a few minutes.

How to remove Virus from your PC/laptop?

To remove Virus from your laptop/ PC, follow the steps:

Step 1: Safe Mood

  • Hold the Shift key, restart your laptop/computer by opening the Windows menu, and clicking the power icon and restart.
  • Now, your computer will restart and display a menu with different boot options. Close the troubleshoot.
  • Choose the advanced options.
  • Click on Startup Settings
  • Now, click Restart.
  • You can press f5 to restart in a safe mood with networking but remember that your PC/laptop must be disconnected from the internet.

Step 2: Delete the temporary files

When you are in a safe mood, you can delete your temporary files using the Disk Cleanup tool.

  • Go to Start Menu, scroll down to the Windows Administrative Tool. Click it and choose the Disk Cleanup.
  • Scroll and go through the “Files to delete” lists and select the temporary files. Then, click on OK.
  • By deleting those files may speed up the virus scanning that you are about to do.

By deleting the temporary files may get free from different malware also.

Step 3: Download a Virus Scanner

There are two different types of Scanners that can detect and delete the viruses and malware. That is real-time and on-demand.

a. A real-time scanner is an AVG Antivirus Free scanner for the viruses in the background while you are using your PC.

b. On-demand operating system scanner is Microsoft Safety Scanner that must be activated manually each time when you want to scan.

It is necessary to use both types of scanners to remove the virus. If you do not have a virus scanner installed on your PC/laptop installed, then installed it.

These are the reasons and the process to detect the virus on your PC/ laptop.

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