How to download Zoom apps for your meetings?

zoom app

Zoom app has become one of the popular apps in the last couple of weeks. It’s due to the lockdown.

People all are inside their homes, cant meet in a huge number of people. so, using the latest technology i.e. Zoom. People are really spending their time in meeting effectively.

Zoom is available on all different platforms including Windows, iOS, Android. If you have to organize meetings with your friends, staff, then Zoom is the best app for the video calls.

For all the starters, you need the base app i.e. Zoom cloud Meetings.

For the windows, the windows use need to download the .exe installer for the Zoom from its official website.

How to setup Zoom on Windows, Android and iOS?

At first, you have to install the zoom software on your computer i.e. PC.

1. The first thing after installing Zoom is you have to create a Zoom account. You can create your account through Google account, SSO and Facebook.

2. After you get logged in, you will get a homepage that provides you four different options i.e. New Meetings, Join, Schedule and Share screen.

New Meetings are used to host the meetings. Here, we can invite more people using their Zoom ID, email or the meeting names.

Join is used to allow the users to enter into the other meetings that are hosted by somebody using the meeting ID and password.

The schedule is used to schedule the meetings.

Share screen is used to enable the screen sharing feature which is efficient while showing some presentations especially.

3. Now, host a new meeting by tapping on the New Meeting Option.

Now, look for the invite options at the bottom of the video or the meeting screen and tap on it.

Once its done, wait for the other members to join the meeting.

After the meeting is over, you can click on the End meeting button that is placed at the button i.e. placed at the right side of the meeting window.

NOTE: The meeting window has different other options like share screen while inside the meeting or the chat options, etc.

After knowing all about Zoom, you can schedule a meeting on zoom.

How to Schedule a meeting on the Zoom app?

To set a meeting on a Zoom,

1. At first, click on the Schedule button, then a new popup window will appear that determine the schedule meeting.

2. Now, enter the key details about the meeting that include a topic, time, duration, meeting ID, password and the mode how you want to share the scheduled meeting.

3. Click on the Schedule meeting button.

This is how we use the Zoom app.

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