How to make a Slow motion video with the best effect 2020?

how to make slow motion video

Nowadays, slow motion video is widely popular throughout the whole world. The people from teenagers to the old have the interest to do TikTok and slow motion. Before a year ago, it was only used in movies, music video clips and today we can see a slow-motion effect in every latest smartphone.

Slow-motion is the most vital feature of every smartphone. If your mobile or smartphone does not have the features of slow-motion don’t worry. We can get it. To know about all these, study the full article. It will surely help to make the best slow-motion video of 2020.

I personally love to watch and to make the same slow-motion videos. Not only I, nowadays everyone in the whole world wanted to make it. I want to get beautiful, stylish videos and want to get more likes on TikTok, and Instagram.

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Three ways to make slow-motion videos

Nowadays, the latest smartphones have and the cameras have high frame rate (HFR) shooting at the different levels that helps to take the snap to create the slow-motion videos with the sensational and the artistic effect.

Here are the processes to make the slow-motion videos with your device features

  • Slow-motion video with Slow- Mo featured mobiles
  • Slow-motion video with Slow-Mo Powered Cameras
  • Slow Motion Video on PC with the Professional Video Editor

The first two processes are a simple process. If you have a slow- Mo feature in your mobile or your powered cameras, then you can make the slow-motion videos. If you want to make extra effect then, you can also go on slow-motion effects, slow-Mo video Editor on play store or app store.

For the third process, you have download the video editor. There is a systematic process to make Slow motion video with the editor

If you have download the Slow motion editor on your PC or MAC then feel free to start. And if you haven’t download yet, then please download it.

Step 1: Shoot and Export

At first, you have to shoot the video at the normal speed i.e. 1080p video at 240fps.

Step 2: Open the Video in any video Editor

Download the video editor in your PC or any smart devices, and then open it in your devices. There are different video editors like Movavi Video Editor, Video Studio and many more.

Step 3: Improve the video quality as required

Now, add your video to the video editing app. If any additional video quality is needed, then edit it. If you want to change the original sound of that video then you can go to the features of denoise.

Step 4: Slow down the video

The main target is slow-mo. Talking about the VideoProc, it offers a wide range of speed control from the 0.10 to 16.00 times which means you cannot produce the slow-motion video.

Then, apply the slow-Mo effects. You can add any cinematic effects that looks catchy for the viewer.

Step 5: Edit and make the Slow-Mo

Here, you can apply the filter effect into the slowed video. After all the edition, tap “RUN” to start the process that shows the real slow-Mo on your PC.

Talking about the VideoPRo editor, it is more than the slomo maker. It helps to speed up your GoPro video up to 16x faster.

For more information- Slow Motion Video Maker

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