How to save YouTube videos on your android phone?

save youtube videos

Do you know how to save YouTube video on your android phone? Most of the people did not know the process to download YouTube videos. In this sort of article, you will get to know the process to download and save the video on your mobile phone. There are different processes to save YouTube videos on your phone.

Process 1- To save YouTube vides on your phone:

1. Download ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer helps to view download the files and move them around your android. To do this-
• Open the Google Play Store
• Press Search bar
• Type in ES File Explorer
• Press ES File Explorer result below the search bar
• Tap Install
• Tap Accept when prompted.

2. Copy the link of the YouTube video and download:

Some videos and YouTube Red movies cannot be download, you can download those videos from YouTube through the document apps. Then, you will first need to get YouTube videos to address by doing the following processes.
• First, Open YouTube
• Get the video that you want to download
• Tap Share that is given below the video.
• Again, tap Copy Link
• Now, open Google Chrome
• Tap the Search Bar.
• Go to the vidpaw site. Some android phone wants to get download this app for users.
• Paste the link that you copied from the YouTube
• Then, click Start.
• Some options will be given to select the Download. Select the top option to get a high-quality video. Click on Download.
• Tap Done when it is completely downloaded.
Now, close Google Chrome and open ES file Explorer. If this is your first time then, you may have to tap or swipe some pages of information before reaching the main page.
Now, again select Storage Settings. Depending on your smartphone’s storage location, select SD Card or Internal.
• Click Download. Videos that were download before must be on this download folder.
• Watch your video. Search your video’s name and open it in through the download folder of your android phone.
• Now, move the video into your Android’s Photos app.

Now, If you want to save your videos on your mobile phone’s gallery, then follow the following steps-

  • Tap and hold video’s thumbnail
  • Again, Tap ‘⋮’ that is in the corner of your screen
  • Tap Move To,
  • Click Pictures Folder
  • Tap OK.

Process 2- To save YouTube videos on your phone

Using YouTube Red

For this process, you have to follow the given steps.
• Open your YouTube app. If you are already logged in, then the home page is seen but if you are not logged in then tap SIGN UP and enter your email address and password.
• Now, tap your profile icon. It is in the top right corner of your screen. After taping, your account menu will be opened.
• Tap Get YouTube Red
• Again, click on Try it free, which is in the upper-right side of the screen.
• 3/4 different options will be on your screen. Tap Amex Card. It is a payment method. Then, enter the password. Then tap Buy. As long as your password and payment method checked out, you will be a grant for a free month of YouTube Red. It usually costs $9.99 per month.
• If you want to download offline that remains only in your YouTube offline then you do not have to pay.
• Now, Select the video
• Then, tap DOWNLOAD, which is below the video. After tapping the download, there will be the option to download. If you want good video quality then click on HD-720p, Medium quality then choose Medium-360p and for a song only then choose Low-144p.
• Finally, click on DOWNLOAD.
• Now, go to the video without having an Internet Connection. It will allow you to watch videos that were downloaded offline. To do so, click on Library and find the videos under “Available Offline” then tap it to view.


YouTube manages a strict stance against downloading the videos from their platform, so any services that are used to download videos may be banned at any time.
Downloading YouTube videos for any use goes against YouTube’s Terms of use.

For more information get into the link: How to save YouTube videos?

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