How to Stop the Notifications from Chrome?

how to disable notification in chrome

Google allows users to search the Web for the images, products, video and other content.
Google Chrome provides the best information to the users who research it. If you feel annoyed from these notification then follow our full article which guides how to disable notification in chrome.

I have mentioned the process to stop the unnecessary notifications from Chrome.

How to disable notification in Chrome?

Process 1:

1. Open Chrome.

2. After opening the chrome, click on the “⋮”. It is in the top-right corner of the google chrome.

3. Click on the setting, It is near the bottom of the drop-down menu.
Now scroll down and click on the Show advanced settings. The advanced setting is at the bottom of the settings page.

Again, scroll down and click in the content settings.

Same, scroll down into the “Notifications”. Here, you will find 3 different options.

Allow all the sites to show the notification.
Ask when the site wants to show the notification
Don’t allow any sites to show the notifications

Click on the notifications and click on the third option.

Now, click on Done which is in the bottom-right corner of the “Content Settings”. This will help you to save the changes.

Now, finally, you won’t receive any notifications on your desktop from the site Google Chrome.

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