How to Transfer Battery from one phone to another?

how to share battery on iphone

We all have been waiting for a long period of time to get this feature and now. The wait is Over. Now, We can transfer battery from one phone to another without any charger.

Wherever we travel the one thing makes us worried i.e. Battery of Smartphone. Now, this worry is transferred to happiness and satisfaction.

There is a speical cable which helps to transfer the charger from one Samsung smartphone to another smartphone.

This cable was developed in 2014 by Samsung. The new Power Sharing Cables help you to transfer the battery from your Samsung Galaxy phones to another Samsung Devices or the Samsung Gear Watch.

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How does it work?

In Playstore, there is an app developed by the Samsung known as Power Sharing. This app is used with the Samsung’s Power sharing Cable EP-SG900 that allows you to transfer the power from your smartphone to another device with the Micro USB interface.

The character of Power Sharing Cable

This Power Sharing Cable is used in the Samsung Devices. It is used to control the amount of the power to be transferred by using the Pause option or the Setting Option. Also, you can set the limit on the amount of the power to be left in the devices.

How to Share Battery on iPhone?

In an iPhone, you can share your battery with a micro USB to 8-pin or 30-pin iPhone charging cable.

Now, follow the same steps and use the same power-sharing app which is in the Playstore. Download it and share your smartphone’s battery with your friends in need.

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