How to turn off and on your iPhone Best tips and tricks for iphone 11

how to turn off iphone 11

Are you using an iPhone and for a long period using the Home button and switched to an iPhone 11 without a home button, then you may lose.

Turning off an iPhone requires a new combination. Let us get into the process to turn off your iPhone11.

Processes to Power off an iPhone 11

At first, if you want to shut down your iPhone then, press the Power button. This will wake up Apple’s assistant Siri. So, to shut down your iPhone, follow these steps-

  1. At first, Press the side button, which is located on the right side of your iPhone and one volume on the left side of your iPhone at the same time.

2. Then, press and hold the buttons until it shows “slide to power off”. Then, wipe the switch to the right side to shut down the iPhone.

Same as to turn on the iPhone, follow these steps-

How to turn on your iPhone?

In order to turn on simply, Press and hold the side button on the right-hand side of your iPhone. In addition, you can turn on by connecting it to a power source like a computer or wall outlet through USB cable. You have to wait for a minute.

After that, an Apple logo will appear on your display while an iPhone boots.

Now, let us get into the tips and the trick.

Trips and Tricks of an iPhone 11

  • Restart Face ID
  • Turn off Face ID
  • Showing remaining battery percentage

How to restart Face ID on your iPhone?

There are three different ways to restart Face ID on your iPhone. However, if it did not recognize the face then, the screen asking for your passcode.

The main situation when your iPhone asks passcode when you failed at first try for unlocking with Face ID.

The iPhone users have to use the side button to restart the Face ID. First, turn off your screen and again on it by hitting the side button in order to restart Face ID.

Press the Cancel button to restart the Face ID. You can also cancel to turn off the screen. After then, you can check your iPhone using Face ID.

Now, swipe up to open the start of the Face ID. Just swipe up and try again.

How to turn off the Face ID on your iPhone?

As there is the process to turn on the Face ID, there are three different buttons to turn off the Face ID.

You just have to press the Volume up, Volume down and the side button of your iPhone at the same time.

This will help you to deactivate your Face lock temporarily. In addition, you have to enter the passcode to unlock an iPhone.

According to your needs, if you want to unlock then you can also unlock it by using the same restarting process.

How to show the remaining battery percentage on your iPhone?

In most of the smartphones, the remaining battery is not shown in percentage. We have to change the Settings of that smartphone and make it into the percentage.

Same as- there is an easy trick to show the remaining battery percentage on your iPhone.

You have to use the Control Center. You need to swipe down in order to activate the Control Center and it will show you in percentage.

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