How to turn off iMessage temporarily and permanently on MAC?

how to turn off imessage

It is very easy to use any apple software but it can be confusing in some of the parts like try to turn off the iMessage on Mac.

Here, this article will help you to get the detailed process of disabling or turning off iMessage on your Mac.

iMessage is one of the best apple creation in the apple company. But at the same time, it can also be annoying to some of the users because they don’t know to turn off the iMessage.

So, let’s get into the detailed process.

How to turn off iMessage temporarily on Mac?

If you want to disable your notifications temporarily for a day or a certain period then you just want to enable “Do Not Disturb” mode which will keep your system away from displaying any iMessage pop-ups for that certain period.

To do, simply click the Notification icon on the top right of your Mac’s display. This will help you to open the Notification Center. There you will see two different options at the top of the menu with the toggles with features like “Night Shift” and “Do not Disturb mode”.

Now, you have to toggle “Do not Disturb” mode on and you will see the switch activated with the blow signal that represents “ON”.

Once you have done this, now your notification will temporarily be halted for a certain period. It will not remain for a long time IT will last according to your wish.

How to turn off iMessage permanently on Mac?

If you are trying to remove all the iMessage notifications from popping up permanently then, do not worry.

You can skip the “Do not disturb” route and disable the notifications overall.

Follow the following process-

  • Open your “System Preferences”
  • Click on the “Notifications”
  • Scroll down to the “Messages”
  • Change the message alert style to the “none”.
  • Now, uncheck all the boxes under to the display any form of the iMessage sounds or the notifications.

Now, you will not get any notifications from your iMessage on your Mac in any form

I know that following all these steps will help you to off iMessages according to your wish.

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