Inexpensive dexamethasone: First life-saving drug of COVID-19


The year 2020 has been the most dangerous and life thrilling year. Due to Corona, many unexpected activities were taken into action for the protection of the world. COVID-19 has brought many changes to how you live your life and with it uncertainty, daily routines, financial pressure, and social isolation. Everything has been changed.

Thousands of people died due to Corona. Still, many people are affected due to these diseases. Till now, no medicines have been discovered for the treatment. Dexamethasone is a drug that is recognized as cheap steroids for COVID-19 patients.

Cheap Setroid Dexamethasone for Covid-19 Patients

The researcher’s team led b Prof. Peter Horby, administered the drugs to the patients in about 2000 hospitals in the UK. A cheap and widely available drug that may able to decrease the risk of death among coronavirus patients with severe respiratory complications. This drug was a part of the Recovery (Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy) trial that was established to test the range of the therapies of the coronavirus infection.

This cheap drug decreased the death rate by one-third in the ventilated COVID-19 patients. The treatment of these diseases by using this dexamethasone medicine is up to 10 days. Talking about the price, it costs up to 5 pounds per patient.

This drug was established in 1957 and used in the treatment of allergic disorders, ulcerative colitis, skin conditions, and some of the other types of cancer. Many scientists work on the recovery process and said that the steroid can decrease the risks of the death by the one-third for the coronavirus on the ventilators, and by a fifth for those on oxygen.

Dexamethasone is used to treat the patients of rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

This medicine is available world-widely. Till now, there is no original medicine for the treatment of the COVID-19 diseases. Only two proper options are available to treat. Dexamethasone for the high-risks patients and remdesivir to decrease the duration of the symptoms.

Let’s hope for the best.

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