Top IT Colleges in Nepal For BSc.CSIT, BIT, BSc.IT, BIM, and BE.IT

it colleges in nepal

Nowadays many colleges are providing IT courses. It is becoming the top priority of the people. In this article you will find the top IT colleges in Nepal.

The technology of these days has been evolving very rapidly from time to time, and people need to be updated with the latest technology.

This is also the reason why IT courses were chosen. Either it is the national or international college, there are many colleges which provide different IT courses throughout the world.

In Nepal also IT courses are getting top priority day by day. There are many International colleges in Nepal having the affiliation from the University of UK providing IT courses.

There are also many national colleges providing the courses like BIT, BE.IT, BSc. CSIT, BCA, BSc. IT and many more having the affiliation of Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, and Purbanchal University.

IT Colleges in Nepal

CSIT colleges in Kathmandu

  • Amrit Science Campus (BSc.CSIT)
  • ACHS College of IT and Computer Science (BSc.CSIT)
  • Ambition College (BSc.CSIT)
  • Asian College of Higher Studies (BSc.CSIT)
  • Asian School of Management and Technology (BSc.CSIT)

BIT colleges in Kathmandu

  • Aryan School of Engineering and Management (BIT)

BCIS colleges in Kathmandu

  • Apex College (BCIS)

Bsc IT colleges in Kathmandu

  • ISMT College (BSc.IT)

BSc CSIT colleges in Lalitpur

  • Patan Multiple Campus (BSc.CSIT)
  • Kathford International College of Engineering and Management (BSc.CSIT)
  • Aberdeen International College (BSc.CSIT)
  • Nagarjuna Academy (BSc.CSIT, BIM)

BIT colleges in Lalitpur

  • Himalayan White house International College; School of Science and Technology (BIT)

BEIT colleges in Lalitpur

  • Nepal College of Information and Technology (BE.IT)

BSc CSIT colleges in Bhaktapur

  • Bhaktapur Multiple Campus (BSc.CSIT)
  • Birendra Multiple Campus (BSc.CSIT)
  • Samajik College (BSc.CSIT)
  • Swastik College (BSc.CSIT)
  • Samriddhi College (BSc.CSIT)

BSc CSIT Colleges in Pokhara

  • Prithvi Narayan Campus (BSc.CSIT)
  • Soch College of IT (BSc.CSIT)
  • Mount Annapurna Campus (BSc.CSIT)

Msc IT colleges in Pokhara

  • Infomax College of Information Technology and Management (MSc.IT)

BCIS colleges in Pokhara

  • Pokhara College of Management (BCIS)

BSC IT colleges in Pokhara

  • ISMT College (BSc.IT)

BSC CSIT colleges in Chitwan

  • Birendra Multiple Campus (BSc.CSIT)
  • Indreni College (BSc.CSIT)
  • Lumbini ICT College (BSc.CSIT)

IT colleges in Butwal

  • Butwal Multiple Campus (BSc.CSIT)
  • Crimson College of Technology (BCA, BCIS)
  • College of Computer Technology (BCA, BCIS)

IT colleges in Biratnagar

  • Purbanchal University School of Engineering and Technology (BIT)
  • AIMS College Biratnagar (BSc.CSIT)
  • Birat Kshitiz College (BSc.CSIT)
  • Birat Multiple College (BSc.CSIT)
  • Himalaya Darshan College (BSc.CSIT)
  • Nihareeka College (BSc.CSIT)

These are some of the popular colleges in major cities of Nepal which provide IT courses. There are many other colleges as well that offers IT courses.

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