Top 10 Best and Highest Paying IT Jobs in the World

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Are you in search of the best IT jobs? Don’t know where to start your career from? For many years, physicians, financial managers, and lawyers have typically been known as ‘ highest-paid salaries. ‘ Today, the scenario is different, the technology sector is experiencing tremendous growth, allowing professionals to reach some of the highest-paid tech jobs.

IT workers are highly specialized in their profession, which is possibly why they are sometimes referred to as “IT nerds”. They like what they do and appreciate it both inside and outside. For almost every modern business model, IT staff are also important. If a company relies on phones and emails, it is likely that behind it all there is an IT professional to ensure that the gear in the machine function properly.

Maybe that’s why a recent study makes it clear that from 2010 to 2014, the number of students earning degrees in scientific technology increased by 49%. And the number of students in computer and information science increased by 32%. As the economy finds its foundation and more jobs are opening up, IT professional’s needs are expected more. What you might want to do and how much will someone pay you to do it? Consider these top 10 IT jobs and their median ranges of salaries.

Top 10 IT Jobs:

1.Information Technology Manager

Information Technology Manager is probably one of the best IT jobs in the industry. The scope of responsibilities of an IT manager varies. In some cases, only computer networks are the focus. In other cases, the focus may be on managing company operations like telecommunications systems and other electronic support systems. It is the duty of IT administrators to organize, schedule and direct computer-related activities within an organization. We help to determine an organization’s IT needs and are responsible for implementing computer systems to meet the information technology requirements of the organization.

Median Annual Wage= $127, 640 ~ RS.1,45,65,076(NRP)

2.Data Scientist

Data scientists are the secret weapons of large companies in finding problems and solutions, as well as new opportunities, easily in the top 5 highest paid IT workers. We are responsible for collecting, processing, and validating data so that the organization can provide its partners, investors, clients, and consumers with accurate and complete information. There is a high demand for individuals who can analyze data to help companies make business decisions; however, the availability of qualified candidates is relatively low.

Median Annual Wage= $118,709 ~ RS.1,35,45,955(NRP)

3.Cloud Architect

The architecture of cloud computing refers to the components and subcomponents needed for cloud computing. Usually, these elements are a front end framework, back end systems, cloud-base distribution, and network. Cloud Architect is responsible for translating a project’s technical requirements into the final product’s architecture and design. Cloud Architects also often cross the differences between complex business problems and cloud solutions.

Median Annual Wage= $112,000 ~ RS.1,27,80,387(NRP)

4.Java Developer

Perhaps towards the bottom of the list, a Java Developer is also named a Java Programmer for the top 10 highest paid IT workers. This position requires a high level of programming capabilities. A Java developer is a professional programmer category that can work with web developers and software engineers to incorporate Java into business applications, apps, and websites. We are active throughout a product’s entire life cycle of growth and must be capable of identifying and evaluating any issues or problems and seeking an effective solution.

Median Annual Wage= $103,583 ~ RS.1,18,19,918(NRP)

5.Software Developer

How about video games? Would you like to design the next Facebook? It’s for you. Software engineers are behind all the applications that we run on our mobile devices and PCs. By far, software developers are the largest number of job openings on the list. This rise is driven by technology-driven demand for mobile apps and other goods. While some software developers design programs, operating systems and interfaces are developed by developers of systems software.

Median Annual Wage= $102,880 ~ RS.1,17,39,698(NRP)

6.Mobile Application Developer

Mobile application development is one of the fun as well as one of the hard IT jobs. Developers of mobile applications have excellent working knowledge of the various platforms for both smartphones and tablets. We are also exceptionally skilled in using computers running under different operating systems, including Windows and Mac. An application developer’s duties and responsibilities will depend on the level of experience. The primary duty of mobile app developers is to build, manage and execute the source code to develop mobile apps and programs that satisfy customers ‘ needs and requirements using the languages of computer programming.

Median Annual Wage= $90,000 ~ RS.1,02,69,954(NRP)

7.Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst is someone who takes action to protect the confidential and mission-critical data of an organization and remains one step ahead of cyber attackers. We do this by seeking innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing, damaging or compromising critical information. According to Gemalto, an international security agency, more than one billion records were compromised in 2014. Such infringements highlight the urgent need for security analysts with details. The typical requirement is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming, although some employers prefer an MBA in information systems.

Median Annual Wage= $88,890 ~ RS.1,01,43,291(NRP)

8.Computer System Analyst

Analysts of computer systems study the current computer systems and procedures of an organization and design solutions of information systems to help the organization operate more efficiently and effectively. Through recognizing the needs and shortcomings of both, they put together business and information technology (IT). Analysts of computer systems are needed to design and install new computer systems and most of them are hired by IT consulting firms. Growth has mainly occurred in the following areas: cloud computing, mobile technology, and records of health care.

Median Annual Wage= $82,710 ~ RS.94,38,087(NRP)

9.Network Security Administration

Talking about the IT jobs, network security administration are critical IT team members who in companies and organizations manage and protect computer systems and data. System administrators perform a variety of tasks, including the deployment, support and maintenance of computer systems and servers. Network security managers also conduct light programming and project management. They also conduct network operator training, advisory and organizational problem solving, and supervisory skills for technical support and other staff.

Median Annual Wage= $68,000 ~ RS.77,59,520(NRP)

10.Web Developer

This is one of the few positions you can get on the list without the degree of a bachelor. There are three types of web developers; web designers need an associate degree in web design to create the web site’s layout and feel. Webmasters who run the website can, depending on the employer, have a webmaster certificate, a web development associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree. Web architects, who manage the site’s technical design, typically need a programming or computer science bachelor’s degree.

Median Annual Wage= $63,490 ~ RS.72,44,881(NRP)

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