JavaScript with the best tips and tricks 2020


JavaScript is the most popular client-side scripting language. It is one of the top programming languages in the whole world. It is an object-based programming language that is based on prototypes. Commonly, it is used in web development.

JavaScript is very easy and simple to learn the programming languages as compared to other languages like Ruby, Python. Before saying JavaScript, it is known as Live Script but later on, Netscape changed its name to JavaScript.

Features of JavaScript

  • Simple and easy to learn
  • helps in creating dynamic web pages
  • a lightweight and interpreted language
  • an open-source language and
  • used for creating network-centric applications.

In this article, I have shared all the best tips and tricks that are used in JavaScript for beginners.

Top 5 Useful Basic Tips for JavaScript

1. Comment your code

Scripting the programming languages allows adding the inline comments and the same the JavaScript does.

Inline commenting helps to decrease the complexity of the code by inserting the useful text.

After using the inline comment, you have to make sure that the code must be on a new line after inlining the comment.

2. Use [] instead of Array{}

This is the most common error that humans made. To add an array, we have to use [] instead of () or {}.

We have to remember that when we use the property names that are sequential integers, then we must use an array.

3. Always use Semicolons

Most of the time, people forget to give semicolons. In JavaScript, the semicolon is a must to have. If we have to write any type of functions or anything, then we have to use their semi-colon.

4. Declare the variables outside of the FOR Statement

While executing the lengthy “FOR statement”, do not make any engine work harder than it should be. We have to evaluate the length of an array for every iteration.

5. Use ===instead of ==

JavaScript uses two different types of equality operators i.e. ===|! == and ==|! =.
you distinguish two operators of the same type and the value then, “===” will produce true and “! == Produce false.

Also, if you want any reference site, then you can visit w3schools.

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