Top Things that You don’t know about Google Chrome

google chrome app

Most of the people use the google chrome app for surfing. People feel easy to use Google Chrome and also known as the best-surfing sites.

There are a lot of things that make the Google Chrome browser popular. It is a clean browser with a top-notch user interface. In Addition, it also boasts of the support for the near-endless list of the extensions.

Google Chrome App is a very versatile browser as there are many loads of functionalities that are embedded within the browsers that you haven’t tried out yet.

This article will help to get some more secret and unknown features of Google Chrome that you probably don’t know about.

1. Highlight and Right-click to search the Google

Sometimes, going through the webpages, you may come across the word or the phrase you want to know more about. So, the chrome provides the search option that will make it easy to search the word or the phrase without going through the stress of opening the new tab and typing in the word.

In order to do this, you can simply highlight the word you want to search, right-click and select the ‘Search Google’ for the word. Then, a new tab will open with your search.

2. Drag the multiple tabs at once

You must be familiar with the capacity to drag any tab on the Chrome to any position and drag to create the new browser window and mix the tabs within the same browser windows. But do you know how you can do all these with more than one tab at a single?

If you don’t know, then, just hold the Ctrl key on the keyword and select all the tabs that you want to move around.

3. Pin the tab(s)

This is also another feature that you probably don’t know. This feature helps to manage the tabs when you have more tabs to open. You must also pin your tabs if you want to lose them. Once the tab is pinned in Chrome, even if you close and reopen the browsers, then the pinned tab will still be there. To do, right-click on it and select the “Pin”.

4. Open accidentally the closed tabs

This is not uncommon to accidentally close the tabs if you are still using it. Chrome understands that this will happen all the time, and added features that help the users immediately to recover the accidentally closed tabs.

To recover all those closed tabs, right-click on the open tabs and select the “Reopen closed tabs”. If you did not find this option then, use the keyword option.
For this, just hold down the Ctrl +Shift +T and closed all the closed tabs will be restored.

5. Download the files where you want from

If you are finding it hard to find all the files that you have to download on your computer, then you can change the location to an easier one.

For this, Just Navigate to the “Settings” then click on “Advanced” and then click on “Download” through the dropdown. Under the location, select the “Change” to choose the new downloaded location.

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