What’s new in the Sony’s Walkman?

sony walkman

There are number of Walkman launched by Sony. Sony has recently announced a new Walkman which is called the NW-A100TPS Walkman. It has launched the new NW-A100TPS to celebrate the gadget’s 40th anniversary. Let’s find out what’s new in the Sony’s Walkman.

Before we had our smartphones most of us had used a music player. It was an awesome experience to wear a headphone and walk around like a cool guy. Some must have thought it a little weird way. But finally it was used to.

It was really a good experience to walk on the streets and enjoy the music we loved. The basic device to record and play the music was cassette. We were carrying the music with us wherever we go.

But the scenario is quite different now. We are used to smartphones. We carry our music in our own smartphone. Basically we can say that the smartphones has all the power to store the memories of everything we love. So, what is the thing that the Sony has done with the new Walkman which is so surprising?

Sony has always been honest with the needs of good audio quality, beating many smartphones down. Which is good. The new model of the Walkman has extremely good. The bass is enjoyable. The player comes with a soft case which makes the looks of the player more attractive. Not only the soft cover makes the Walkman a real classic, but it has a peek-a-boo window too.

There is a twist in the look. It is not actually a cassette, but a touchscreen with a perfect video representation of the tape. It’s an awesome trick and gives the feel of the classic cassette too.

The new Walkman does not have much space. It’s just 16 gigabyte of space. It will be available in the stores in November.


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