Why Apple stopped updating thousands of iPhone games in China?


The Apple company has stopped updating thousands of different iPhone games on its own App Store in China. This decision has taken by the Cupertino based firm because they had struggled to comply with the local rules and regulations by the Chinese government according to the report.

Apple’s app store in China is one of the biggest revenue generators for the company according to the country. This biggest App Store market makes $16.4 billion per year.

According to the report, the Apple Store in China has about 60,000 different games that are either paid or come up with an in-app purchase. but now 43,000 licenses have been issued by the Chinese government since 2010. In 2019, around 1,570 licenses were granted.

The report proves that in February 2020, Apple wasn’t that strict with the Chinese game developers from the app store while they waited for the official government licenses for their games licenses and demand them to show proof by June 30.

The tech giant has clearly mentioned that the game without licenses wouldn’t see the updates in the future.

The report said that the new development is due to the Chinese government’s pressure on Apple in previous times owing to the tensions between the US and China.

As compared to Apple, domestic brands like Xiaomi and Huawei have been faster in gaining the licenses.

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